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Evolving the University’s research computing services by proactively identifying gaps, emerging needs, and providing solutions to address them.


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Our services empower researchers to analyze and make discoveries using cutting-edge infrastructure and analytics capabilities.


Our services encompass infrastructure, consultation, research software development, research data services, grant support, and more.


Developing a clear and sustainable strategy for university-wide research computing is essential for achieving long-term success.

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Discover our team of knowledgeable professionals dedicated to University Research Computing.

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We offer advanced services to accelerate innovation at Harvard

With University RCD services delivered by experts utilizing modern infrastructure, cutting-edge analytics tools, and resources, researchers can focus on and unleash the full potential of their research.

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Five Pillars. One Mission.

The pillars of University RCD services aim to facilitate the adoption of modern technologies and to provide expert guidance in the field, thereby advancing research at Harvard.

analytics Infrastructure

Data ManagemenT

Software DevelopmenT



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